The Policy Project

As part of our efforts to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the local, state, and federal education policy context, Ed’s Strategy Team launched The Policy Project in Fall of 2018. The topics we cover have been and will continue to be selected considering input from families, residents, educators, local leaders, and more. Each analysis includes an overview of the current Alabama education policy application and the exploration of effective practice across the country. The release of a select number of reports and briefs will be accompanied by a series of public forums we call Ed Chats. Each Chat will be hosted and moderated by community leaders and include a short overview of contemporary research, small-group conversations, and a full-group debrief.  At each event, participants will be joined by special guests with a particular interest in and/or experience with the Chat topic to engage in discussions, both as participants and as learners.

School Discipline & Restorative Justice

 Nationwide, K-12 schools demonstrate a disparity in out-of-school disciplinary practices that disproportionately affect students of color.  When students are removed from school through suspensions and expulsions, the loss of class time often compounds issues that remain unresolved. Restorative Justice is a philosophy that emphasizes repairing the harm caused by misbehavior by bringing together all affected persons to understand why the incident occurred and how to prevent it from happening again – usually without removing the offending student from school.
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Brief Full-Length Report

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