Research & Strategy

Since 2013, Ed has built a robust menu of programs that provide Birmingham City students a number of opportunities to engage with professionals on topics related to college access, career exploration, and essential skills. The growth we have experienced over the course of the last four years has been exponential – going from zero to serving nearly 6,000 kids in grades K-12 in over 1,500 hours of programming with the help of more than 600 individual volunteers in the upcoming year. We remain, however, healthily dissatisfied: proud of what we have accomplished while understanding that there is still more work to be done.

In many ways, Ed has always been an incubator – bringing big ideas to life through small tests, iterations, and then scale-ups. The natural evolution of our work is to investigate innovative education locally and across the country in pursuit of the next big idea.

Over the next 10 months, our Strategy Director will be focused on two main objectives:

  • To understand the needs and desires of local community and constituencies through focus groups, interviews, and surveys with local students, partners, educators, alumni, and families.
  • To survey existing innovative educational practice and programs across the country.

What we learn in the process will inform our current programming and whatever comes next. Watch out world! Ed is on the move.

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