Ed Network

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Ed Network programs are the foundation of our capacity- and relationship-building work. During the 2017-2018 school year, Network Bundle programs will be offered to select schools that apply for support and/or funding through an RFP available here. Applications are due August 4, 2017.

IMG_1222Network Priority Councils (NPC) are internal committees made up of students, educators, family members, and community and industry partners that will serve as the managing body for all NBI initiatives. This 10-20 person council should meet monthly and can be subdivided into smaller committees based on need and efficiency. In order to best steward each school’s or cluster’s goals, the NPC will:

  • identify a year-long priority around which to concentrate NB initiatives;
  • design, deploy and manage Network Nights, including match tracking;
  • provide support for Student Changemaker projects; and
  • collaborate with its organizational partner and Ed to accomplish NPC goals.


Network Nights (NN) are local, open-to-the-public events where students, staff, families, community and industry partners come together to voice needs, set goals, plan events and provide mutual support. SCM and NPC teams can use these events to encourage

community involvement in their projects. Attendees are encouraged to work together to address commonly held challenges. Network Nights may follow an agenda proposed by Ed or be adapted to local needs and objectives.


Student Changemakers (SCM) is a collaboration with YouthServe that engages students who want to be a force for positive change in their communities. The 10-15 student cohort will meet bi-weekly throughout the year to identify a challenge in their school or local community and come up with a way to address it. At the end of the school year, students present their work through a showcase, blog, roundtable, Network Night or other community event.