Network Building

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Relationships are at the core of what we do at the Ed Foundation, which is why we dedicate a significant amount of our time to simply getting to know the people in the communities where we work and creating spaces where people from all over Birmingham can connecting across lines of difference to accomplish the shared goal of improving outcomes for students in Birmingham City Schools – we call this the Network and its work manifests in a variety of very cool activities and initiatives.

IMG_1222Network Night

Imagine 100+ students, educators, families, local residents, and community partners coming together every 6 weeks to build relationships, connect, and exchange ideas, and act on their desires for their school and community. That’s what Network Nights is all about! During the gathering, we use “Network Devices” like sharing what’s new and good in our lives, hosting conversations in small groups, exchanging requests and offers from one another and committing to action steps as a Network. Please check out the video below to SEE what Network Nights are all about.

IMG_0972Network Priority Councils

New for 2016-2017, Ed staff will coach the development of five Network Priority Councils that will tackle top challenges and issues identified by the Network, such as literacy, teacher recruitment, and neighborhood blight. Network members may sign-up for councils that have been designated to support the top 5 Network priorities (up to 15 members per council). Each council may meet up to five times and will be expected to present an action plan at a mid-year check-in and accomplishments and progress-to-goals at end-of-year check-in.

13177055_1070573153015832_8844284962789976970_nStudent Changemaker Councils

In partnership with YouthServe, Ed will facilitate Student Changemaker Councils at 6 schools in 2016-2017. Through a 16-part curriculum sequence (bi-weekly meetings), students will identify a challenge in their school or community and develop and implement an action plan to address it. Last year, students’ project ranged from a custom pillowcase exchange between 5th-grade students at Tuggle Elementary and the local Salvation Army, a forum on housing discrimination and blight with the students at G.W. Carver High School, and anti-bullying defense league at Hudson K-8 School, and a cross-grade-level community building program at Ramsay High School.