Maureen Moose

Maureen MooseMaureen
Policy Fellow

Born and raised just outside Philadelphia, Maureen attended Harvard University, earning her B.A. in History and Literature in 1994. Following graduation, she returned to the city to serve as a family literacy instructor in the inaugural class of AmeriCorps and an Adult Basic Education instructor at The Lighthouse — a  North Philadelphia settlement house.
In 1997, hoping to reach learners earlier in their lives, she moved to Tampa, FL and joined the AmeriCorps Hillsborough Reads staff. The program supported the America Reads effort to get all students reading on level by third grade. She became the Hillsborough Reads Director in 1999, leading the program until the birth of her son in 2003.
She and her husband moved to Birmingham in 2004, where they have since raised their (now) three teenage children. She began work as a Policy Fellow for the Birmingham Education Foundation in 2018 and now serves as a writer and researcher for Ed’s Policy Project. She is eager to continue working on the issues she cares most deeply about: community service, innovative public policy, and educational excellence for all.