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IMG_8995At Ed, College, Career, and Life Ready means that our graduates have a plan, one that they have created with their future career goals in mind, have kept up with by meeting yearly benchmarks, and are prepared to follow-through with after high school graduation with the support of the diverse Network of individuals we have helped them cultivate. We call this the Student-Directed Learning Plan. Throughout their experience with us, our goal is to build capacity and provide support by:

  1. Equipping students with the knowledge and structure to set goals for their futures;
  2. Connecting them to a diverse Network of people, resources, and opportunities to achieve their goals;
  3. Supporting their ongoing progress, assessment, and recalibration of goals; and
  4. Celebrating their accomplishments.


Starting in the 2017-2018 school year, Ed program staff will facilitate an interwoven stream of direct-programming for students that creates the structure for and supports the development of Student-Directed Learning Plans (SDLPs). All programs are designed to address opportunity gaps related to college access, career exploration, and essential-skill building.

Ed Junior Academy is a multi-year integrated scope and sequence for students in grades 1-8. All students in each grade level at EL schools will have the opportunity to participate in the program sequence, which will include yearly site-visits, in-school sessions, and a year-end showcase to highlight students’ learnings and accomplishments. Schools will also have the opportunity to apply for grants for college tours to be financed by Ed and facilitated by the school.


The College and Career Prep Conference encompasses Ed’s high-school program offerings and represents the final component of the Educate Local pipeline, culminating in the creation, maintenance, and completion of the Student-Directed Learning Plan (SDLP). By beginning each year with essential-skill building sessions, students will be encouraged to leverage this new skill throughout the remainder of their programming sequence. Students will have the opportunity to showcase and utilize these new skills first at an annual conference and then throughout their college access and career exposure experiences. These pieces will involve a combination of in-school sessions and out-of-school site visits that will allow students to hone these essential skills while learning the nuances of career building and college access.


Throughout the year students will use their SDLPs as a planning and recording tool. Students will be able to not only build a portfolio of their experiences and accomplishments, but of important personal connections they make throughout high school. The College and Career Prep series will culminate in an Executive Internship Program that will offer students the opportunity to benefit from the fruits of their labor through a 120-hour paid internship with companies across Birmingham.

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