Program Specialist – Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams’ role at the Birmingham Education IMG_1757.jpgFoundation is Program Specialist. Her responsibilities include creating and delivering curriculum to 6-12th-grade students within the city of Birmingham. These in-school sessions focus on college, career, and life readiness. Within her role, one of Carolyn’s favorite tasks is to go into classrooms and provide students with access to resources that can help them reach their maximum potential. Through the help of the team, she is able to match students with local professionals for mentorship, provide resume preparation for future job opportunities, and help students financially prepare for college, as well as any other needs they may have.

Ed provides Carolyn with a platform to live out her passion for working with students and provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to be well- rounded citizens. Carolyn states that her team’s mission is “to equip students with the tools needed to smash the glass ceilings that are systematically placed over them and empower them to reach higher. We want our scholars to be cognizant and intentional about their future.”

Her goal as the Program Specialist is for “students to feel comfortable enough to talk to us about their hopes, dreams, and nightmares so that we can effectively prepare them for college and/or career.” Her goal for Ed in all is to be “Birmingham City Schools’ go-to for all things outside of the classroom. [She] wants students to trust [them] with their future and charge [them] with transforming dreams into reality (because if we aren’t helping scholars in each school aspire for and achieve success beyond the classroom, what are we doing?).”

DSC_2646When asked how her role aligns with Ed`s overall mission, Carolyn stated “My role aligns with the mission through delivering content to students and learning beyond books. We help students  in career exploration through strategically planned grade-level conferences, facilitate internship experiences with Birmingham’s top corporations, guide students through college tours, and other informal adventures that add to their educational experience.” Her goal for Birmingham City students is for them to be successful, contributing members of the global society and trust ED to help them establish short and long term goals for a life of learning and growing.”


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