Ed Chat

In order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the educational ecosystem in Birmingham, this year, the Birmingham Education Foundation dedicated capacity to the research and analysis of education policy for the first time through the creation of Ed’s Policy Project.  Our strategy manager, Corinn O’Brien, and a team of policy fellows, Maureen Moose, Nathan Yoguez, and Aditi Prasad, have been researching and writing policy briefs that focus on 1) the analysis of the current Alabama education policy landscape and 2) the exploration of effective education policy & best practices from around the country and potential for application in Alabama.  

At the end of the first year of the Policy Project, we hope to identify the bright spots of Alabama’s education policy and also the opportunities for improvement, places where we could learn from other cities and states how to best serve students and achieve true educational equity.

At Ed, we value our community and our most important stakeholders – our students and families- so we know that an essential part of Ed’s Policy Project is sharing what we’ve learned.  Starting in February, we’ll host a mini-series of the first-ever Ed Chats, community conversations that bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to participate in conversations related to education policy and best practices for K-12 education on a variety of topics identified by our staff and partners in Birmingham.  

Ed Chats will be hosted and moderated by community leaders in locations across the city.  Each Ed Chat will include a short overview of contemporary research, small-group conversations, and a full-group debrief.  For each event, a number of special guests with a particular interest in and/or experience with the Chat topic will engage in discussions, both as participants and learners.

At each event, Ed will provide food and refreshments and childcare. See the calendar below for complete details.

If you would like more information about Ed’s Policy Project and the Ed Chat Series or you would like to volunteer for an Ed Chat event, please email our strategy manager, Corinn O’Brien at cobrien@edbirmingham.org.

February 19, 2019

Ed Chat on School Discipline & Restorative Justice

Location: East Ensley Public Library, 900 14th Street Ensley, Birmingham, AL 35218

Hosted by: T. Marie King

Special Guest: Mayor Randall Woodfin and Michael J. Tafelski, a civil rights lawyer at the Southern Poverty and Law Center

April 2, 2019
School Data Transparency & Accessibility
Location: TBD

Hosted by: Mrs. Brendia McCray, Parent Coordinator at Tuggle Elementary and Mrs. Barbara Goudy, Carver Alum and Community Leader
Special Guests: Dr. Anthony Hood, Director of Civic Innovation at UAB; Thomas Rains, VP of Operations & Policy at A+ Education Partnership

May 21, 2019
Teacher Residencies
Location: Glen Iris Elementary School, 1115 11th St S, Birmingham, AL 35205

Hosted by: Dr. Michael Wilson

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