Alumni Spotlight – Juahmun Sturgeon

Juahmun Sturgeon is a 2018 graduate of Wenonah High School and is currently working on an associates degree in Business Administration from Lawson State Community College. Juahmun became involved with the Birmingham Education Foundation (Ed) as a unspecifiedsophomore in high school. He was first introduced to Ed through Wenonah’s Birmingham Academy coordinators, Angela Smith and Juanita Harris. Throughout his high school career, he participated in Ed’s Network Nights and was a contestant in the 2017 Ed Family Game Night. While participating in Ed Family Game Night, Juahmun had  the opportunity to team up with the University of Alabama at Birmingham(UAB). Juahmum along with his UAB team ended up placing third in the competition, allowing him to win scholarship money.

“Being a part of organizations like the Academies and Ed has really been an amazing experience. Being connected to these two entities allowed me to have access to resources, people and different opportunities that I didn’t think was possible. That is why I will tell any student in high school, that there are opportunities out there, you just have to know where to look,” Sturgeon said.

While excelling in academics and being involved with Ed, Juahmun had also participated with numerous organizations. He won the senior presidential election for the Student Government Association (SGA). He was also a part of Wenonah’s Academy of Hospitality and Tourism, Gentleman of Distinction, Principle Board Committee, and the band. “I was involved with a lot organizations in high school, and each activity has either molded or prepared me for the next venture of my life. I would always joke and say that my high school career was like an ice cream sundae. Each scoop is a different flavor that builds on top of another and completing high school was the red cherry on top,” he said.

Now, Juahmun is finishing his final year with Lawson State Community College in Business Administration. Juahmun will then continue his higher education learning at Tennessee State University, where he will pursue his bachelor’s degree in business administration. He says that he wants to go even further and obtain his skin esthetician license, so he can open up his very own restaurants and beauty bars in Birmingham, Alabama. Juahmun says he wants to use his businesses to bring more wealth into the city and do his part to make the City of Birmingham flourish.


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