Alumni Spotlight – Nehemiah Edison

unspecifiedNehemiah Edison is a highly admired Birmingham Ed Alumnus and a 2018 graduate of George Washington Carver High School.  He is now attending Alabama A&M University, majoring in Electrical Engineering. Nehemiah always had a passion for engineering, and wanted to 

start building a foundation towards his career, which led him to join organizations like the George Washington Carver Academy of Engineering Program. Nehemiah said that the program helped and prepared him and other students to be competitive in their chosen fields, and made sure they were ready for any level of expertise they choose to pursue.

“The engineering academy prepared me and other students to be college and career ready. I got the opportunity to study industry specific skills, participate in local and national competitions, learn from professionals in the field, take extended learning excursions, and job shadow on site,” said Nehemiah.

Carver’s Engineering Academy didn’t only help build Nehemiah’s foundation for engineering but also created long lasting connections and relationships, one in particular being the Birmingham Education Foundation (Ed). “Nehemiah has been a pleasure to work with since meeting him! He is hard working, very prompt, and precise with everything that he does,” boasted Brad Jennings, Development & Communications Specialist at the Ed Foundation. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Nehemiah.”

“When I was with my fellow academy members I would always hear them talking about the Birmingham Education Foundation and the different opportunities they had as it pertains to scholarships. I would also hear announcements over the intercom being made about the different opportunities they offered.”

Nehemiah was introduced to many opportunities through Ed’s programs, while also gaining skills in presentation, interviewing, and business development. Amongst those opportunities, Nehemiah became an Executive Intern for Protective Life Corporation under the IT department. Another opportunity he remembers was the Third Annual Ed Family Game Night.  He says the competition was an amazing experience, especially teaming up with Alabama Power to win scholarships.

“It was an amazing experience that not everyone gets a chance to do, and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to be a part of it, especially winning second place. Thanks to the scholarship I was brought closer to my academic goals. The funds provided me the opportunity to pay for my school’s room and board, as well as housing fees,” he said.

Since joining Alabama A&M University, Nehemiah has continued to work hard toward his goal of becoming an engineer. He hopes to one day own his own company, called Edison Industries. Nehemiah credits his school along with Ed for preparing him for his institution and providing him with the resources he needed to become a success. He believes that programs like the Engineer Academy and Ed provide rare opportunities for inner city students, bringing them hope for better academic futures.

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