Meet DeCarlo Howard – 2018 Ed Family Game Night Contestant

DeCarlo Howard is a Huffman High School senior, where he’s a member of the swim and wrestling team, a former linebacker and defensive end on the football team, and an active member in his school’s chapter of the National Honor Society. Outside of school, DeCarlo participates in Miles College Upward Bound and with his church, New Rising Star. DeCarlo is a student in the Academy of Architecture and Construction at Huffman, where he specializes in electrical training. Last summer, he worked with Bright Future Electric, an electric contract company for construction, as an apprentice to earn his electrician’s license. He also worked with the Division of Youth Services in City Hall to complete a paid internship in the engineering department of the Mayor’s office. DeCarlo’s interest in electrical work has lead him to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) because of their great engineering and business programs. DeCarlo eventually wants to own his own electrical engineering business.

DeCarlo got his start with the Birmingham Education Foundation (Ed) as a student in the Academy of Architecture and Construction Craft at Huffman High School. The Educate Local program team would come once or twice a week to work with DeCarlo and other Huffman students. His favorite Ed program however was the social entrepreneurship conference. DeCarlo and other Huffman students had to pitch ideas to solve issues plaguing the Birmingham community. DeCarlo competed by himself and pitched the idea to fix the potholes in many of Birmingham’s roads. The event was such a rewarding experience for him because he won first place for his school and received a plaque that he still shows off proudly. He enjoyed working with CeCe Lacey, who was the Educate Local team’s liaison to Huffman last year.

Now, as a senior, DeCarlo a is continuing his journey with the Birmingham Education Foundation as a participant in Ed’s Fourth Annual Family Game Night. He’s most excited to play because he’s an avid viewer of Family Feud and loves a good competition. While more excited than nervous, DeCarlo hopes this experience teaches him how to work with new people while having a good time. In regards to winning Family Game Night, DeCarlo says his confidence and competitiveness will definitely help him win. Come out and join DeCarlo’s team as he competes along with Alabama Power Company on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at the Alys Stephens Center!



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