Meet N’Kayla Slaughter – 2018 Ed Family Game Night Contestant

N’Kayla Slaughter is a P.D. Jackson-Olin High School senior, where she’s the president of the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), where she and other students compete in project-based competitions that showcase their skills in athletic training. N’Kayla has gained on-the-job skills in her role as the student athletic trainer for the Jackson-Olin football team. Her time spent working with Jackson-Olin’s athletes has inspired her to continue her education at the University of Georgia or Kennesaw State due to their excellent athletic training programs. N’Kayla wants to make a career out of athletic training because she loves learning new things about the body and how it functions during sports.

N’Kayla got her start with the Birmingham Education Foundation (Ed) in tenth grade as a student in the Academy of Health Sciences at Jackson-Olin. The athletic training program she currently participates in at Jackson-Olin was launched in partnership between Ed and Birmingham Athletic Partnership (BAP), a non-profit that provides services to the middle and high school athletic programs at Birmingham City Schools. N’Kayla and other Jackson-Olin students in the program are given the opportunity to attend various athletic team practices and games. At the events, N’Kayla and other students work closely with the athletes and athletic trainers to help keep everyone safe by preventing and treating injuries.

Now, as a senior, N’Kayla is continuing her journey with the Birmingham Education Foundation as a participant in Ed’s fourth annual Family Game Night. Last year, she attended to support one of her friends who was competing and enjoyed the atmosphere and purpose of the event so much that it inspired her to apply to compete. While N’Kayla is nervous about standing in front of the crowd and getting stage fright, she hopes this experience will change that and give her the opportunity to work with a team. She also hopes Family Game Night will give her the opportunity to meet different people from different schools. N’Kayla says that meeting the other contestants and seeing her competition is what she’s most excited about. She believes her competitive nature and great talking skills will help her win in the end.

Come out and join N’Kayla’s family in supporting N’Kayla and her teammates on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at the Alys Stephens Center! You might get to sit next to one of the future contestants! Get your tickets here.


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