Meet Ciele Williams – 2018 Ed Family Game Night Contestant

Ciele Williams is a Wenonah High School senior, where she’s the captain of the cheerleading team. Ciele is part of Wenonah’s Academy of Hospitality and Tourism. Outside of school, Ciele is a member of the Mount Olive Baptist Church youth choir, praise team, and she serves as the secretary of the youth department. Her dedication and love of cheerleading has inspired her to continue her cheerleading while pursuing her career in education at Tuskegee University. Ciele says she’s interested in Tuskegee for its strengths in both of her areas of interest. Ciele wants to major in psychology and ultimately become a child or school therapist,  because she loves working with kids. She realizes kids have a lot on their minds and are full of things to talk about, but often some young people don’t have that person to talk to; Ciele wants to be that person for children.

Ciele got her start with the Birmingham Education Foundation (Ed) as a student in the Academy of Hospitality at Wenonah. She remembers that the Educate Local program team would come once or twice a week to teach Ciele and other Wenonah students about the importance of their personal finances and budgeting. Ciele also participated with other Wenonah students in mock interviews with real professionals from around the Birmingham area, through Ed’s career skill-building sequence. Ciele notes, however, that her favorite Ed program was pitching ideas to solve issues plaguing the Birmingham community, through the conference on social entrepreneurship. Ciele and her group had the idea was to rehab program for adults struggling with addiction.

Now, as a senior, Ciele is continuing her journey with the Birmingham Education Foundation as a participant in Ed’s fourth annual Family Game Night. She’s most excited about the overall experience of being on stage and having everyone rooting her on. While she’s nervous about what to expect, Ciele hopes this experience will teach her how to work with a team and handle winning or losing together.

However, she’s pretty confident in her odds of winning due to her own quick wit and strategic planning and her team’s ability to work well together to win. Come out and join Ciele’s family in supporting Ciele and her teammates on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at the Alys Stephens Center!


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