The Birmingham Association of Realtors (BAR) gave multiple students the opportunity to work with them through Ed’s Executive Internship program in Spring of last year. The Executive Internship gives students real-world experience in their field of study through the Academies of Birmingham, while also allowing them to make connections with business professionals throughout the community.

Jayla Cole, who worked as an Executive Intern for the BAR said“Jessica Coates really did impact me a lot because she would tell me how important it is to come to work on time every day. She would give me that motherly look like ‘you know better!’” Reflecing on the mentorship she received from Jessica with BAR, Jayla notes how the skills she learned are already helping her in her first year of college. “I use all of the skills that you all taught me, and now my professor looks at how organized I am. I believe that this program will be very beneficial for future students to come.”

Jayla’s supervisor, Jessica, had equally positive things to say about her experience with Jayla through the Executive Internship program. She says her goal is “giving [students] excitement about their future and hope can change their lives long term. This type of exposure will give them that push to see what corporate America looks like and allows them to get a clear view of what to look forward to,” said Jessica Coates, Director, Government & Community Affairs.

The Birmingham Association of Realtors was very involved in the program, hosting three student interns in the program. Denise Berkhalter, Director of Communication & Digital Media for the Birmingham Association of Realtors, spoke to the positive experience she had with the students “All of the interns did a fantastic job in terms of representing the schools that they come from, representing the quality of education in Birmingham and in representing the power in a program like yours that connects students who are ambitious enough to know that they need to think about their future today.” She also said “this program is powerful because it allows kids to come out of high school and college with real world work experience.”

The Birmingham Association of Realtors has been an incredible partner to Ed in the Executive Internships, hosting three Executive Interns in their first year of involvement with the program. The Birmingham Association of Realtors has a long history of working to make the city of Birmingham and its communities a better place, dating back to the late 1800s, when the BAR was founded by a group of realtors interested in community work. To learn more about the BAR, visit


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