Letter From Ed: Forte’

Intrigued by the command lines of the Commodore 64, Instructor Forte’ developed an
interest in technology at 10 years old in the Black Belt. With an earned Bachelor of
Science and Graduate Studies at UAB in Criminal Justice, Forte’ has a sincere
passion for cultivating student success.

Gifted with a Blazer Spirit, I answered the call to serve 21 years ago. As I embark
upon writing Chapter 40 in life, I share a culmination of: educational experiences;
instructional moments; community growth and military leadership.

imageOn the “Aliceville” road less traveled I learned:
A-attitude. Your attitude affects your altitude.
L- love. Spread love. Express kindness to self and others.
I-individual. Become great at being yourself. You are unique.
C-community. Give back to your community. Lift as you climb by sharing your time and
E-Enthusiasm. Get excited about life and transfer positive energy. “Nothing great was
ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
V-vision. What are you working towards? Think. Believe. Speak. Manifest.
I-innovate. Continue to evaluate and refine processes. Devote time to visualize fresh
L-low. There are valleys in life. You might fall but there is victory in rising again. Don’t
be harsh on yourself.
L-like-minded. Be an eagle and soar. Create a circle of sharp and driven people.
E-excellence. Take pride in all you do. Mediocre output is not acceptable. Excellence
in the standard.

Forte 2

With increased early exposure learning opportunities and academic rigor, technology components to hone creativity; catalyzed communication; collaboration and critical thinking skills, all our students can SOAR.

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