Ed Alumni: Triniti Williams

Triniti Williams is a Sophomore and Exercise Science/Pre-Health major at Troy University. Triniti graduated from G.W. Carver High School in 2016, and got her start working with Ed as a student in the Health Sciences Academy at Carver. At Troy, Triniti is on the Troy University Student Advisory Council and a member of the NAACP, Sparkle Volunteer Group, and the Black Student Union. She is also involved with the Boys & Girls Club of Troy. Triniti continues to participate with Ed as one of the Ed Alumni Group founders. Here is what she had to say about her time with this new group:

KH: Why do you volunteer, and what kind of community service do you do? What is a memorable experience you’ve had from a community service project, and how has participating in community service changed your perception of the role of the individual in the community?

TW: I volunteer because I was raised to help others from a very young age, and I honestly enjoy it. In my spare time, I volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club of Troy, tutor at New Life Christian Academy, and I’m apart of Sparkle Volunteer group, where we do many different community service projects throughout the city of Troy. A memorable moment from a volunteer experience that stands out to me is when one student that I was tutoring passed her final exam, which helped her pass her class. She called me to say, that if it was not for me, she would not have passed her test. These volunteer experiences have not changed my perception of the role of the individual in the community because I have been involved with community service since I was very young. My perception has always been you should give back to others because there is always someone that is worse off then you are.


Triniti with her teachers from Carver High School at a Network Night

KH: Why did you continue volunteering with the Birmingham-Education Foundation after high school?

TW: I continued to volunteer with Ed because it is a wonderful organization that helps the students within Birmingham City Schools in a very impactful way. In high school, we would always do surveys for Ed to ask us for input and suggestions on programs, and I wanted to continue in college to give Ed input on small things to help better the students in these schools. As well, I continued to volunteer because I wanted to help pass on to others all the knowledge that I gained from being a part of the Ed Foundation.

KH: Why did you select your college or university, and how was Ed influential in that decision?

TW: I selected Troy University because they had my major of choice and it was only one of six colleges that had my major. I was a student athletic trainer all four years of high school, and I really enjoyed it. I love sports, helping people, and the medical field. Athletic training brought it all together, so I want to be a professional athletic trainer on the collegiate or professional level. Ed helped in my decision in selecting between those six colleges by helping me narrow down the schools and viewing their requirements.


Triniti and Katrina Dada at Carver Network Night

KH: What future program or session ideas do you want to do with the Ed Alumni Group? Why?

TW: I would love to do a trade school seminar and other opportunities that are offered other than college. College is not for everyone, and I have experienced that personally. I would like to show other students that there are other great opportunities available to students besides college.

Triniti was interviewed by Kendal Harris. Kendal is a Montgomery, Alabama native and current junior English major at Birmingham-Southern College. Her passion for education began when after shadowing a Jefferson County middle school teacher, she noticed the injustices and difficulties that ESL and non-English speaking students faced in the classroom. She is working with the Development and Communications Director in implementation and strategy for the promotion of Birmingham Education Foundation. After college, Kendal hopes to use her love of photography and writing to pursue a career in the Communications and Marketing field. 

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