Ed Alumni: Aspen Gorman

Aspen Gorman is a Freshman and a Business major with a concentration in Supply Management at Tennessee State University. Aspen graduated from A.H. Parker High School in 2017, and got her start working with the Ed Foundation as a student in the Academy of Urban Educators at A.H. Parker. At Tennessee State, Aspen is a Supply Chain Ambassador and a member of the Pep Club, and even after attending college out-of-state, Aspen continues to participate with Ed by being one of the Ed Alumni Group founders.

Here is what she had to say about her time with this new group:
KH: Why did you continue volunteering with the Birmingham-Education Foundation after high school?

AG: I continued with Birmingham-Education Foundation because they are great foundation that is full of relationships and opportunities that I did not want to pass up on. I have met many different people in Ed that I know I can contact if I need anything. Starting with Whitney Williams, the Development Manager at the Ed foundation, she was my site mentor for my senior internship that I was able to get through Ed. She helped me a lot during my time of filling out and sending off essays and packets for scholarships. Both Cece Lacey, a Program Specialist with Ed, and Victoria Hollis, Ed’s Strategy Director, had a hand in my whole Ed experience as well. During the summer, I got a chance to work closer with Victoria, along with Robyn, Josselyn, and Triniti as we put together the Adulting with Ed event. Any time the Birmingham Education Foundation was involved with something I was doing, I knew it was going to be great and a benefit to whatever I was doing.


Aspen & the rest of the Ed Alumni Group with Victoria Hollis, Strategy Director for Ed

KH: What has been your favorite program or session you’ve done with the Ed Alumni Group, and what do you hope others would gain from this program or session? How can the Ed Alumni Group improve the programs and sessions to help others?

AG: My favorite program I have done with the Ed Alumni Group is of course Adulting with Ed because I helped put it together, and my team was awesome. I needed that program especially since I was going into college. With the Adulting with Ed program, I hoped that people would get the advice that they needed out of the session. Overall, I think that the Ed Alumni Group can improve by seeing what there is a need for and focusing on that by working on different projects. It was great to have the program in the summer, but I believe maybe one program between semesters would be nice, like a check-in type of thing.


Aspen at Tennessee State University, where she’s currently in her first year

KH: How does the Alumni Group and the work you’re doing with Ed help you with your future life and career goals?

AG: The Ed Alumni Group and the Ed Foundation overall prepared me for college. By participating with them, I have gained life and educational skills that others do not yet have, and these skills have put me ahead of them. I got more comfortable speaking to people and interviewing with the help of Ed. Being in settings with different people and networking has become somewhat easier for me, as it was very uncomfortable at first.


Ed Alumni group with Dr. Anthony Hood, of Ed’s Board of Directors

Aspen was interviewed by Kendal Harris. Kendal is a Montgomery, Alabama native and current junior English major at Birmingham-Southern College. Her passion for education began when after shadowing a Jefferson County middle school teacher, she noticed the injustices and difficulties that ESL and non-English speaking students faced in the classroom. She is working with the Development and Communications Director in implementation and strategy for the promotion of Birmingham Education Foundation. After college, Kendal hopes to use her love of photography and writing to pursue a career in the Communications and Marketing field. 

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