Letters from Ed: CeCe Lacey

Student, parent, educator, community partner, teammate, or friend:

It is with gratitude and pride that I write to you today to share a tiny glimpse into my life at the Birmingham Education Foundation. The beauty of this opportunity is that it reiterates how much this team truly values bringing all voices to the table. Just as much as we want to share our stories, thoughts, and ideas with you, we want to hear yours even more. This is a journey we are taking together and it would not be able to be successful any other way.

IMG_7279 2

When people ask me “why I do what I do” I usually like to share with them some recent, relevant anecdote. I have accrued so many individual stories of incredible interactions with students and witnessing volunteers and students come to simultaneous “Aha!” moments. I also like to tell people how empowering it is to work on a small team with like-minded people who are all striving to create opportunities for students but that it is also often overwhelming. I assure them that the best part of my job is exactly that, the overwhelming sense of responsibility that comes when you are truly invested in solving problems much bigger than you.IMG_2109

Working on a team that acknowledges relationship building as an integral part to our organization’s theory of change also invigorates me daily. I have always believed that relationships are the most valuable commodity in anyone’s life. I want you to truly realize the value of every person you encounter and always see that the potential for a new friend, confidant, mentor, mentee, source of inspiration, or all the above lies within each one of them. I encourage you to invest time and energy into the people so that you can build relationship that reciprocate that investment.


When we work to support and build others up in some way each day, we are all taking a step in the right direction. Let’s hold each other accountable to taking steps towards positive change.

Thank you for the value you bring to our work and our community. Who are you going to find new value to invest in today?




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