Educator Spotlight: Aimee Castro, Spanish Teacher, WJ Christian

aimeecastroheadshotTalk to any number of our teachers and I bet they’ll share one thing in common: a passion for kids. But what cool things happen when a teacher combines her personal passions with her passion for the classroom? Enter, WJ Christian’s Aimee Castro, Spanish teacher and travel aficionado.

A native of New Orleans and a 2003 graduate of Loyola University, Aimee moved to Atlanta after college to work for AmeriCorps. It was then that she began to experiment with travel. In 2004 , Aimee explored Europe and South America and lived in Argentina for four months, during which time she learned Spanish. With this new skill, Aimee decided to go back to school to earn her master’s in English as a second language and a degree in Spanish. In 2001, she joined the staff at Birmingham City School’s WJ Christian as a Spanish teacher, and she has been there ever since.

Aimee has experienced first hand the impact of travel on the lives of students, including her own, and she is intent on creating similar opportunities for students in Birmingham City School. This year, she plans to take a group of students to Costa Rica to expose them to a new culture, while also contributing to their academic credentials: middle school students will get a high school credit and high school students receive a college credit for participating.

“My passion is culture and history,”Aimee said, “And it is an untapped market in Birmingham City Schools. Our kids often miss out on these opportunities because of the lack of resources…but it’s possible. That’s where we see Ed step in, collaborating with us teachers to make our projects successful.”

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