Partnership Feature: Suzy Harris & Kristen Greenwood of the Birmingham Museum of Art

11180610_10102977676743801_3484656373618113170_nAsk Program Director Victoria Hollis to reflect on her favorite moment at Ed, and she’ll tell you about the time five Huffman students presented a found-materials art project at the Birmingham Museum of Art (though, really, it’s a multi-way tie). Having articulated their passion for art as part of the Career Development Conference on public speaking last fall, the group of graduating seniors brought their idea for a community arts project to fruition. But, almost more importantly, our friends at the Birmingham Museum of Art gave them the opportunity to share it with our community, granting them the auditorium stage for a brief presentation and a prominent spot in a temporary student art exhibit.

UntitledSince the earliest days of our partnership with the Museum in fall of 2013, Ed has had the opportunity to work along side the Birmingham Museum of Art on several programs and initiatives. They have hosted students for Bridging the Gap site-visits and participated in mock-interviews at Wenonah High School. This year, they’ll work with Ed staff to expand opportunities for middle-school students as part of the federal GEAR UP grant, and always extend an open invitation for students to volunteer in a variety of programs aimed specifically at young adults and teens.

But all this wouldn’t be possible without the support of two outstanding members of the Museum staff: Kristen Greenwood and Suzy Harris, our knights in shining acrylic paint, who are always eager to do more for students in Birmingham and in Birmingham City Schools.

Kristen Greenwood is a graduate of North Virginia University and UAB with a Master’s in Art History. Kristen began working with Birmingham Museum of Art as a volunteer, then served as an education assistant before moving into her current position as the Associate Curator of Education.

Suzy Harris using Chris Clark artwork to teachSuzy Harris is a graduate of Sewanee University with a Master’s in Art History from Vanderbilt. I began as an economics major until my first day of senior year,” Suzy says. “I knew I was always more interested in education.” Suzy’s first job at the Museum was through a summer internship. After working with the National Gallery of Art, Suzy returned to the Birmingham Museum of Art where she now serves as the Curator of Education.

We wouldn’t be lying to say that the best part of our job is getting to meet people like Kristen and Suzy (though, really, it’s a multi-way tie). We are eternally grateful for the genuine interest that they express in students through their on-going partnership and support of Ed programs. “Ed is enriching,” says Kristen. “All the programs truly touch the lives of students, and we are glad to be partners in that work, because we want to do what we can to make sure high school students know about what’s out there for them.”

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