Parent Spotlight: Michael Hightower

IMG_20150905_111700Stillman graduate Michael Hightower is a native of Birmingham, Alabama and a longtime friend of Birmingham City Schools – Hightower graduated from Ensley High School in 1997 and his children will be the products of BCS, too.

Michael is the father of three daughters: Brittany, a 2009 graduate of Parker High School; Leshae, a 2014 graduate of Carver High School; and Michaela, who will graduate from Carver this spring. “I am extremely proud of them” says Michael about his daughters’ success in school. Michael is very active with his daughters while they participate in extracurricular activities He has been a band booster for Brittany and was a supporter of the cheerleaders when Leshae and Michaela were a part of the squad. “All that I ask is that they finish high school,” Michael says. “I trust that any decisions made after that will be responsible”.

IMG_20140924_074101Michael is new member of the Ed Network and is excited to participate in our programs, especially Network Night, which he was encouraged to attend by Coach Aubrey Bennett, Ed Connector and the Athletic Director at Carver High School.

“What I like about Ed is that it is a source of information,” Michael says. “Not only information about education, but also in learning about other people’s lifestyles and cultures and getting to know the people in and around our schools. I’m looking forward to being a part of it.”

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