Getting to Know Our Families: Nikilya McNeil, Ramsay and Tuggle Parent

Nikilya McNeil

“Sometimes it’s hard to balance my life and [my children’s] with all of the academics and activities, but I make it a priority” says parent, Nikilya McNeil, a Birmingham City parent and minister at Love Fellowship Christian Center. In our brief conversation, Nikilya clearly conveys her dedication to supporting her children and what it means to be an involved parent.

Nikilya is from Graysville, Alabama and she later moved to East Thomas, where she currently resides. Nikilya is a very proud mother of two Birmingham City School honor roll students: Isaiah, a 4th-grade student at Tuggle Elementary who enjoys playing basketball and flag-football and Niya, a sophomore at Ramsay High School, who plays softball and is a part of Ramsay’s dance line.

“School is meant to enhance what goes on at home,” Nikilya states, noting that she believes schools and parents should work together to help students progress. Nikilya is very adamant about being involved as a parent and encouraging other parents to get involved as well, saying, “Parent involvement is key to making education the city’s number one priority.” When asked about how she feels about the academic opportunities that are provided for her children, Nikilya responded, “I love both of the academic atmospheres my children are in. A great foundation is being set for kids throughout the Birmingham City School system.”

20150719_141946Spending quality time with her family is very significant to Nikilya. She enjoys participating in family events with her church and also likes to travel with her family: “We like to travel to the beach for breathers, for us and the children.”

Nikilya attended Tuggle Network Night and loved what she experienced. “Through the Network, Ed impacts lives to build a better future and to open doors for bigger opportunities, [This type of opportunity is important because if] no one hears about us [parents], they’ll never know us.”

Ed appreciates your participation, Nikilya, and your enthusiasm for the progress of students in Birmingham’s public schools and the system as a whole.

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