Educator Spotlight: Scotty Feltman, Avondale Elementary

scotty2 Around 3:00pm each school day at Avondale Elementary, students and families see a recognizable face in the car line. Scotty Feltman is both familiar and popular, and has been for the past seven years. This reputation has been established by preparing his 5th graders to be ready for middle school by going above and beyond what is expected of him as a teacher.

scotty1When asked if she was ready for 6th grade, one of Mr. Feltman’s students replied, “I do feel ready because Mr. Feltman teaches us stuff that we are supposed to learn in 6th grade. He has taught us more than any teacher I’ve ever had. I really like his class.” Ed doesn’t always get the chance to step back and listen to our students describe their appreciation for teachers, but when we do, it’s quite empowering.

Feltman began teaching in 2007, after earning his teaching degree from University of Alabama at Birmingham. “I wanted to be a teacher because I thought it would be fun and I could make a difference in people’s lives daily,” he says. “I love reading and learning how things work and teaching seemed like a perfect fit.” It’s obvious that Mr. Feltman makes a difference on a daily basis. During experiments, students’ eyes light up. One says, “My favorite [experiment] was [on] density where we figured out which liquids were more or less dense than others. It was super cool.”

To keep his students interested and invested in Science, Feltman maintains that getting to know his students is key.

I try and create personal relationships with each of my students,” Feltman says. “I try to challenge them daily and show them what they can do anything even if they think they can’t.”

This year, Mr. Feltman has visited the homes of his students to build relationships outside of the classroom with students and their families. Feltman knows that challenging students daily is a lot easier when you have established a strong relationship with them during and after the school day. He says, “I hope that each of my students has a chance to succeed in life.  I’m trying to show them what they are capable of and also teach them that quitting because things are tough isn’t an option.”

Scotty, Ed is very thankful for all that you do for students and your school on a daily basis. Thanks for holding such high expectations for your students, and having a whole lot of fun while doing so.

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