Student Voice: Huffman’s Bernard Ball and Maritza Sanchez on Brasfield & Gorrie and Bridging the Gap

img_0249At Ed, we always celebrate the addition of new partners to our roster, and are especially excited to announce Brasfield & Gorrie as the new signature partner for Huffman’s Academy of Architecture and Construction as part of the Bridging the Gap program. On October 16, Brasfield & Gorrie welcomed students to their offices for the first time, engaging students in a day filled with hands-on experiences to expose them to careers in construction.

IMG_0312Students rotated through various sessions on scheduling, project management, and virtual design and construction (VDC). But for a spectator, the most exciting part of the day was estimating, during which students participated a mock-bidding exercise, competing against each other and racing the clock to complete a project bid on time and correctly and at the lowest cost to the hypothetical client.

In this month’s Student Voice video, we talked to Bernard Ball and Maritza Sanchez, two students who were particularly taken with the experience. Hear about the day from their point of view in the video below and see more pictures on our blog here.

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