Getting to know our families: Princess Henderson, Hudson K-8 School

phendersonPrincess Henderson, Hudson K-8 mother of three, is just like many of you—a parent of children attending a Birmingham City School. And just like all of us, she has a powerful story: one full of gifts, hopes, dreams and struggles.

Princess lives in the North Birmingham community near Hudson. Like every parent we’ve met, she has high expectations for her children. She also has the same expectations for the school she sends them to.

“Hudson’s standard’s are different,” says Henderson. “The staff members at the school hold my kids accountable for their actions.” Henderson makes an effort to stay in contact with her children’s teachers by continuously being present at the school and maintaining an open line of communication. She knows this is one thing she can do to ensure that her kids get the education they deserve—one that will lead them to be ready for the college or career of their dreams.

But Princess knows that part of the process of preparing kids for life after high school takes place at home.  When asked what she does to support her students academic success, Princess passionately replied, “I am willing to take that extra step that makes sure that they are doing their absolute best. And both of them are on the A/B honor roll—and they will stay on it.”

“Whatever [my students] need help with, I’m doing all I can to provide it.”

Princess is the Parent Connector for Ed’s Asset Mapping with Birmingham Neighborhoods and Schools program at Hudson K-8 this year. The purpose of the program is to create community-to-school partnerships based on the assets that are discovered by “Connectors”. Princess is a full-time mom, wife, and student and has committed to working with other parents to connect them to Hudson K-8.

“My hope is for the doors of Hudson to be wide-open with structured opportunities for parents, teachers, and community members to work together for our kids,” Henderson says smiling, dreaming aloud about a school and community that worked together to “teach our kids to give back to the community that gave so much to them.”

She speaks with optimism coupled with doses of realism. She understands the barriers students, families, and educators face. “It’s tough,” she says, “but we’ve all got one thing in common—these are our kids. By working together, we’ll be the village they need us to be, you know what I’m saying?”

We do know what you’re saying, Princess!

Here’s to you Mrs. Henderson—a parent Ed is more than grateful to work with.

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