Student Voice: Summer Service Learning by Triniti Williams

IMG_0062_2This summer I worked at Camp Birmingham at Hemphill, a community education service for younger children. The age group I was over was for five-, six-, and seven-year olds. The job was challenging at first because the students didn’t know me, but we all did get used to each other eventually. It was a six week program and over time, I became closer to my campers and co-workers. Each week, we took the group on a different educational field trip: we went to the McWane Science Center, Treetop Family Adventure, skating and much more. I really enjoyed myself and the time I got to spend with kids in the community.

While working at the summer camp, I also helped out in the nurse’s office; I told the nurse, Nurse Taylor, that I might want to pursue a career in nursing, and she suggested I work alongside her during my time at Camp Hempill. Working with her and also volunteering at UAB this summer made me realize that I really enjoy working with other people and being on a team.

IMG_0087Long term, I want to go into a career in healthcare – that is why I am in the Academy of Health Sciences at Carver HS.  What I realized this summer is that, in order to be a part of the healthcare system, you have to want to work and be on a team. This was something that I began to understand during our visits to UAB Hospital throughout the school year as part of Ed’s Bridging the Gap program – together, these activities have helped me realize my interests and I plan to continue working and volunteering. I want more of those kinds of experiences.

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