Partnership Feature: Lawson State Honors College

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As a pillar of the Birmingham community, Lawson State has been serving students in the greater metro area for decades. Over the past year, Ed has partnered specifically with Lawson State Honors College in an effort to recruit volunteers in several service capacities.  The partnership has proven to be mutually beneficial to all involved; in fact, Honors College Director Weymon Holloway explains, “Community service [is] a pillar of the Honors College, [and] many of the Honors Students have expressed an interest in doing more to serve the Birmingham City School System.”

With many of the Honors students at LSCC being former BCS students themselves, Mr. Holloway says that this was a way for his students to give back to their alma maters. Holloway also sees this partnership as a way to enhance the Honors College’s relationship with the district.

The Honors College is still in its early stages of development,” Holloway says, “and as a result, the Birmingham Education Foundation has been vital in providing a platform by which the Honors College can showcase its usefulness as a service partner.”

act prep 4Throughout the past school year, the Honors College supplied volunteers to Ed’s ACT Fellows program as part of the College Prep Institute.  The fellows met every Tuesday and Thursday at Wenonah and Woodlawn high schools to help prepare 11th grade students for the upcoming ACT. As part of this partnership, Mr. Holloway said that the Honors College volunteers were “were required to attend ACT Fellows Training in order to learn how to manage the classroom setting and deliver the content, as well as on-going professional development check-ins throughout the semester.“

When we sat down to talk to Jacquelyn Boyd about her experiences as an ACT Fellow, she explained that the “program helped [her] develop [her] public speaking skills.” Boyd also said that she wanted to take part in the ACT Fellows group because “programs like this weren’t available for [her] to take advantage of when [she] was in high school.”

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Outside of their partnership with Ed and other service projects, the Honors College also seeks to provide the following benefits to their students:

  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Prestige and Attractiveness to Senior Colleges
  • Travel (nationally and internationally in some cases) Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Mentorship Opportunities
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Enhanced Leadership Skills
  • Exposure to Honors College Classes and Experiences

The Honors College believes that these benefits not only enhance the value of a student’s education, but create more well-rounded and career-ready individuals.

When looking back on the past year, Mr. Holloway speaks excitedly about the partnership that Ed and LSCC’s Honors College have forged, stating “establishing a relationship with the Birmingham Education Foundation has definitely been one of the most significant accomplishments of the Honors College during its first year.” Holloway says that we hopes the Honors College continues to “maximize [its] impact in the community by fostering [its] relationship with the Birmingham Education Foundation,” and we are overwhelmingly grateful for his enthusiasm.

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