Educator Spotlight: Cornelia Davis, Academy Coordinator, Parker High School

Pastor_Davis_M_DDSC_053020120623_4966Pastor_Davis_M_DDSC_0530-1-1If you walk into A.H. Parker High School looking for Cornelia Davis, you’re not likely to find her sitting quietly behind a desk.

On most days, Ms. Davis is out in the school supporting her students and coordinating projects as part of her role as Coordinator of the Academy of Urban Educators. But Ms. Davis is also integral to the success of other programs at the school, so whether she is participating in the cosmetology department’s hair show, recruiting students for College 101, or reading to kindergardeners at Tuggle Elementary with the Academy, Ms. Davis is always on the go.

A transplant from Mississippi, Davis grew up in the town of Moss Point; after high school, she attended Mississippi State University and earned a BS in Education with an emphasis on math. Davis moved to Birmingham shortly thereafter, and has been working in Birmingham City Schools for 14 years.

During the 2013-2014 school year, Ed has found an ally in Ms. Davis.  Davis has run point on both the College 101 and Bridging the Gap programs, coordinating with Ed staffers Ballard Jones and Victoria Hollis to recruit students, schedule events, and coordinate partnerships.  Davis says that programs like Ed’s are important because they “broaden a student’s perspective on colleges and other opportunities in the educational field.” And more than than, Davis noted that College 101 and Bridging the Gap “gave students a better understanding of the opportunities available to them in their own back yards.”

In the classroom and as Academy Coordinator, Davis believes that it is important to create a unique environment for her students. “I’m a student centered educator,” she said. “I like to create opportunities based on students’ interests rather than generalizing their education.” Davis knows that relationships with students are at the heart of creating an individualized academic experience for them.  “We spend a lot of time getting to know our students at Parker; we work to develop a teacher-student relationship because we believe that is how we can get the best out of our students.”

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