Student Voice: Birmingham City Students Sound Off About College 101

IMG_0059_2One of Ed’s most long-standing signature programs is College 101, a college-prep initiative supported by Birmingham Coca-Cola Bottling Company United and bolstered by partnerships with the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Miles College, Samford, Birmingham Southern, and other Alabama colleges and universities.

IMG_0033_2With College 101, Ed seeks to provide Birmingham City students with a comprehensive knowledge of college admissions and access to best equip them for life after high school.  This year, College 101 included two bi-annual tours, two high achievers tours, FAFSA completion workshops, HBCU presentations, and Entrance Requirement seminars.

IMG_0010_3 The spring bi-annual at UAB was designed to complement fall tours at UAB and Miles – which focused on the social aspect of college life, highlighting achievements of current students, and featuring step performances by fraternities and sororities – with an academic-themed tour.  Student participants had the opportunity to rank their interest in seven departments, and attended break-out sessions and tours that illustrated a major-specific view of life at UAB.  Students in all sessions engaged with faculty regarding popular majors, the job market, and course load, while also asking questions about how best to prepare in high school, choose a post-secondary institution, and prepare for admissions standards, such as the ACT.

At day’s end, many students were eager to talk about their experiences, and lucky for us, we got it all on film.  So check out this month’s Student Voice video to hear from four students about this year’s College 101 tour.

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