Bridging the Gap takes Woodlawn Academy of Business and Finance to the Ballpark


Today was a beautiful day for a ball game, but for tenth graders in the Woodlawn Academy of Business and Finance, it was also a learning experience. Students visited Regions Field as part of Bridging the Gap, a career-exploratory program that exposes students to a wide variety of careers in their field of interest: in this case, the business of sports.

Students first received a personal tour from Group Sales Manager, Brett Oates, who impressed upon students that managing finances and generating revenue was a major part of his job working at Regions Field. In the banquet hall, students also learned about the trajectory of careers in sports marketing, and heard from Barons General Manager Jonathan Nelson.


Nelson told students about his decade-spanning career in baseball, about his start as an intern for the Barons twenty years ago, and his early understanding that he would have to work hard to earn promotions throughout his career. “You have to pay your dues…learn, develop, and grow [in your profession],” he said. “You have to earn it.”

After the presentations, students – many of whom were visiting Regions Field for the first time – sat back and enjoyed the game and a beautiful day in Birmingham.

Ed would like to extend special thanks to Leslie Doyle, Holli Blass, and the rest of the staff at Regions Financial and Regions Field for organizing the event.

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