Partnership Feature: UAB Admissions Team

IMG_5534This past year, Ed has been enormously lucky to have expanded our partnership with the University of Alabama at Birmingham on several programs and initiatives, including College Prep Institute, Bridging the Gap, and College 101.  This past fall, Ed took over 150 students to UAB for a campus tour, and will follow-up in late April with an academic-focused tour, during which 300 Birmingham City high schoolers will have the opportunity to get a first-hand look at one of seven departments: Nursing, Business, Engineering, Education, Arts/Humanities, Pre-Health Science, and Justice Science. The staff at UAB Admissions have been instrumental in the planning of many BEF tours, especially Kirk Kluver, Frank Paige, Jazmund Walker, Will Buie, and Jessica Bobo.

Director of Admissions Kirk Kluver received his Bachelor’s and master’s from University of Nebraska and has worked in admissions for 13 years.  Before coming to UAB, Kirk served as Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions at the University of Nebraska College of Law, but has worked in undergraduate admissions for most of his career.  “I love working on a college campus,” Kirk says, “Because you get the opportunity to see the personal growth and maturity that takes place as students reach their full potential.”

 Jazmund Walker is a college admissions counselor, life coach, and freelance writer from Birmingham, AL. She holds a BA in communication studies from UAB and has written for publications such as The Birmingham News, Health, Birmingham Home & Garden, and UAB Magazine. In 2008, Walker founded a personal development program for female youth called Leadership, Intellect, and Femininity Training (LIFT), which has been featured in UAB Magazine and the Birmingham Association of Black Journalists Newsdesk.

IMG_0027Senior Admissions Counselor Frank Paige is a longtime Birmingham resident with close connections to the city and Birmingham City Schools (his daughter graduated from Ramsay High School and his grandson currently attends Wenonah High School).  Frank completed his Master’s in Counseling at UAB and began his second career in the admissions office in 2008 after retiring from the quality assurance division of a local manufacturing firm.  He currently serves as the UAB Admissions representative for Birmingham City Schools.

IMG_5532Will Buie graduated from UAB in 2008 and soon after began working with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as an Admissions Counselor.  In 2011, he was promoted to the position of Senior Admissions Counselor and currently serves as the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, for which he supervises a staff of four in-state counselors and is responsible for UAB’s in-state recruitment efforts.

Jessica Bobo is originally from Cartersville, Georgia and has lived in Birmingham for the past 9 years.  She received a BA in History from Samford University in 2009 and and MA in Education from UAB in 2011.  She loves working in the education field and especially working with high school students.  Jessica currently works in the Office of New Student Programs at UAB as the Campus Tour Coordinator.

For Ed, UAB has been an immeasurable ally, providing insight and expertise into the college admissions process for many, many Birmingham City students.

“The unknown can be intimidating to a high school student,”says Kirk, who first visited a college campus with a program similar to College 101. “There is no better way to demystify college than to spend a day on a college campus touring classrooms, meeting current students, learning about academic programs, seeing the residence halls and eating in the dining hall.  We hope that all students leave these visits excited about college and with the belief that a college degree is attainable for each student.”

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