Student Voice: Deja Robinson and Bridging the Gap

IMG_0010On March 19th, students in the Academy of Urban Educators at Parker High School got to see what careers in education look like outside of the traditional classroom setting as part of Ed’s Bridging the Gap series.  For this event, students visited the Southern Museum of Flight to hear about career options in community outreach education and museums, and interacted with partners from Jones Valley Teaching Farm, Birmingham City Community Schools, McWane Science Center, Birmingham Museum of Art, Vulcan Park, and Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

IMG_0063Southern Museum of Flight Executive Director Brian Barsanti led students through a session with the flight simulator, and gave students a tour of the museum from the perspective of an educator. “There are so many lessons you can connect to the history of flight,” Barsanti said, “From calculating how much fuel is needed to travel a particular distance to talking about segregation in the military to demonstrating angles of ejection from a plane in distress.”

IMG_0016Additionally, partners from McWane, BCRI, and JVTF led students through sample activities so they could experience the types of interactive learning that their jobs typically warrant.  McWane Director of Education Lawrence Cooper asked students to perform a series of operations to a simple piece of white paper – with their eyes closed – in order to demonstrate how different people interpret directions in different ways.

You can see more pictures for the day here.

But this is the Student Voice section, so we’ll hand it off now to Deja Robinson.  In this month’s video, Deja talks about what the experience meant to her and what opportunities she hopes to pursue.

Visit the Educate Local program page to learn more  or to become a program partner.

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