Student Voice: Walter Carr and Bridging the Gap

IMG_0026If you haven’t noticed it yet, some of our favorite times at Ed are the ones during which we get to spend time with students.  Bridging the Gap provides a perfect platform for this, both for Ed and a host of local business and community partners that help support career exploration for student in Birmingham City Schools Career Academies.  As part of the program, tenth-grade Academy students have the opportunity to visit our partners’ host sites once a month to learn about a variety of careers in their fields of interest.  Each month, students hear from 5-7 professionals and get to see the environments where they work everyday.

The January tour at UAB Hospital focused on lab careers, and students went behind the scenes at the blood bank, cytology and pathology labs, and in decedent affairs in the morgue.  But, we know you’d rather hear about it straight from the students, so watch the video below for an inside look into Bridging the Gap.  


For this month’s Student Voice piece, we follow Walter Carr, a 10th-grade student at Carver’s Academy of Health Sciences as he participates in a Bridging the Gap tour at UAB Hospital last month for Carver and Jackson-Olin students.  Bridging the Gap was the brainchild of Ed staff and our partners at UAB Health System, who wanted to get students into the hospital as often as possible.  Because of the success of the program at UAB, Ed has expanded the program to serve students at Parker’s Academy of Urban Education, Carver’s Academy of Engineering, and Woodlawn’s Academy of Business and Finance for spring 2014, and will seek to expand to Wenonah’s Academy of Hospitality and Tourism and Huffman’s Academy of Architecture and Construction for the 2014-2015 school year.

Check out more pictures from another trip to UAB Hospital here.

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