Regions area-President Bill Horton visits Woodlawn Academy of Business and Finance


On Thursday, February 20, students at Woodlawn High Schools’s Academy of Business and Finance were given the rare opportunity to expand their professional circles to include Regions Financial Crop. North Central AL area-President, Bill Horton.

Participating in a session that was part-Bridging the Gap and  part-College Prep Institute, Horton spoke about his journey through the banking industry, gave an overview of corporate careers in business, and invited students to participate in a series of on-site tours to take place at Regions through the spring semester.  Over the course of three sessions, students will get to visit both Regions Center and Regions Field to learn about the wealth of career possibilities in the industry, and specifically, the ones that support Regions Financial.  In May, students will be invited to attend and view the New Venture Challenge, a business-plan contest sponsored by Regions in partnership with the Brock School of Business at Samford.IMG_0002

Horton was also joined by Leslie Doyle, Vice President of Marketing for North Central AL, who also talked about the ins-and-outs of her career at Regions and gave students an overview of their tour schedule.

Throughout the semester, students at Woodlawn will be exposed to over 20 different careers in the business and finance industry, through partnerships with Regions and the Birmingham Business Alliance.  To visit more, visit our Signature Programs page.

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